Monday, 13 March 2017

OOTD - 21 - Silver

Selle outfiti pidin ma kiiresti ülesse panema,sest minu arust on see just talve hooajaga sobilik-need värvid kohe karjuvad "uusaasta", "jõulud" vôi lihtsalt mingi pidustus vôi ôhtusöök talvisel ajal. Seega kuna hetkel juba lumi on kadumas ja päike piilumas,on viimane aeg,kus seda veel kanda saab. Ise kandsingi just täpselt seda looki jôuluôhtul ja kuna siis pilte ei teinud,otsustasin selle re-createda ja teiega sheerida.

I had to upload this look fast,because I think it's suitable for winter-those colors scream "New Years eve","Christmas" or just a dinner or party in winter time. So because snow is melting and sun is slowly coming out,it's the last days to wear this kind of outfit. Actually this is the outfit I wore on Christmas eve,but because we didn't take any pictures then,I decided to re-create it and share it with you.

(All the outfit details under the last picture)


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